How to teach math to children: tips for parents

In this post, we propose some tips on how to teach math to children. It pays to teach kids math early and at home. As we will see, the use of educational games is the most common technique. Of course depending on age, one can use other methods to learn math.

Tips on how to teach math to children: For parents 

At what age is a child able to learn math

Education experts believe that children who are not yet of school age can learn math. Mainly visual mathematics like geometry and symmetry. In primary school, it is interesting to use interactive games to help children progress in mathematics. In fact, at this point, educational games, memory games, online coloring on gaming sites, board games, card games, building games, plasticine, and mental math are the most beneficial for the child.

Teach math to children in a simple way

It is true that parents are naturally more inclined to trust primary and secondary education. They, therefore, see that a qualified teacher is the only person who can intervene in the training of their children. But why not help your kids with math yourself?

First of all, from time to time, we have to talk about math at home. By doing so, you will transform mathematics into a less abstract discipline. For this purpose, you should only use educational games, logic games, and other memory games. These tools allow you to review many essential subjects in elementary mathematics such as algebra, geometry, exercise, multiplication, whole number, calculation, addition…

An ideal approach to teaching math to your child is to manipulate educational games. To these, you can also add online math lessons, coloring sites, and online games … Playing with them is the best way to learn while having fun. The objective is to create an environment conducive to mathematics!

Tips for teaching math to a dyslexic

What should you do if your child has dyslexia? Should we teach him math the same way? As you may know, dyslexia affects the reading and writing of the affected person. It will even have an impact on other compartments of life, such as memory capacity, concentration, or even organizational skills. How then to teach mathematics to a dyslexic?

With this type of child, it is very important to be patient and not to rush. It is important to repeat the same idea often so that it is finally assimilated. The alternation of activities is also very important to avoid blocking for too long on the same things.

There are other tips to apply when learning math, such as remembering what was done in the last lesson, using colors, graphics, drawings, diagrams, staggering homework, etc. We mention that teaching math to children may also depend on other factors.

Are boys better at math than girls?

Finally, let’s finish on a fairly sensitive subject: is there a mathematical gene in boys and girls? Some statistics show that boys prefer to study math more than girls. This can in no way diminish the values ​​of girls. In fact, the girls have shown themselves to be overly gifted in disciplines like biology and medicine.

The explanation comes from education and the family. Very early on, boys were introduced to educational games related to construction, to work on geometry, algebra, and the understanding of space. While girls play more like mom or merchant.

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