Fear of mathematics, solution

This article discusses the fear of mathematics. The latter alone crystallizes many of the nervous breakdowns and tears in students during their journey in public and private education. Mathematics is involved in all school programs. From elementary school to engineering school: one day, you may find yourself blocked by an exercise and lose your nerves.

Math allows students to understand the world around them and which above all determines many professional careers! Success in math is a guarantee of winning a good degree. The fear of mathematics is therefore due to its difficulties and to the fact that it is thanks to it that we select brilliant students.

What is the most terrifying thing in mathematics?

It is one of the only disciplines taught in school that can cause such blockage in children, preventing them from speaking in public or giving them apprehension before each lesson. Why? Because in mathematics, we are TRUE or FALSE. In contrast, in each class, only three to five students feel good about math. As in athletics, after the first round, all players go into two parts, a very small set in front and another large set behind.

In order to solve the fear of math problems, it is more convenient to focus on the origin of the blockage:

  • Is it the idea of ​​doing math that keeps you from being aware?
  • Is it the fear of failing in general?
  • You do not know how to succeed in a problem and it bothers you?
  • Is it a specific dimension of mathematics that is causing you problems?

The fear of mathematics is often caused by a lack of self-esteem or a negative thought: what will my teacher say if I am wrong? Why can’t I fix this simple problem?

In addition, there is real social pressure regarding mathematics, which is considered “the future” rather than a literary subject for example. Failure to master them would mean failure. We also use mathematics on a daily basis, whether at the supermarket or the restaurant, and not knowing how to use its multiplication tables can quickly make us laugh. At least that’s how a person can feel.

Thus, the nature of your math block will determine how you can manage it, and thus you can overcome your fear without a problem. Choose the statement that seems most specific to describe your situation:

  • You find it hard to calm down when your math teacher asks you to solve an equation,
  • You don’t like solving a math problem on the blackboard,
  • You hate learning math or doing exercises,
  • You don’t know how to handle your math difficulties,
  • Sometimes it is enough to be aware of the blockage to resolve it.

How do avoid blockages in mathematics?

  • Take private math lessons with a private math teacher. This very specific type of teaching mathematics makes it possible to unlock students’ problems.
  • Use concrete supports: being afraid of mathematics can be solved thanks to an adapted pedagogy and concrete supports.
  • Look for the psychological blockage source: in some cases, the blockage is caused by family problems. The math teacher can then become a psychologist.
  • Go back to the basics of math. In particular, classical formulas and mathematical identities.

All students, from elementary to high school know how important mathematics is; not only in the school curriculum but also in professional and daily life. Hence the need to be attentive in mathematics and to listen to your math teacher. Realizing this importance, mathematics causes panic, anxiety, anxiety, and panic attack … In short, this is called “fear of mathematics”. To the point of even talking about psychological blockages, anxiety disorders, panic attacks, and anxiety attacks. Here are some tips to avoid fear in math lessons:

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